Monday, February 9, 2009

The Battle of the 2 Coffees!

Are you looking for a cheep good coffee? I will admit Starbucks is good but is really worth the $.4.00? I personally want to say no! Just Saturday I went to McDonald's and got (my favorite) cappuccino for under $3.00 . I just want to say I think it is just as good (if not better)! McDonald's even asked me if I want regular or nonfat milk (so I can stick to my diet) *just like Starbucks*! I recently saw a sign that McDonald's advertised that said "Four bucks is dumb." I agree with this I want to say this is just my opinion but I know we are all struggling through this tough economy why spend more for something (if you can get it cheaper and just as good)?

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AMH615 said...

Honestly, I like McDonald's coffees better... and two weeks ago when I bought one they gave me a coupon for a free Redbox video rental! They accidentally gave me two coupons... YAY! It was basically free!