Friday, January 9, 2009

Sadie, "Our little princess"

(Well you read about Precious so this is continued from that). After Precious died my son said mom we need to get a new dog I said eventually Well I decided to go on Criagslists to post some things that I had for sale, while I was on there I noticed a listing for dogs well I got curious and decided to look at it. I didn't see anything, as I was about to go off the page an add caught my eye free dog to a good home so I clicked it, it said that a shitzu, brussel griffon mix was free to a good home so I emailed the lady and she emailed me back and told me that she had rescued her that she just couldnt take care of her so I asked her to send a picture. Soon as she did my son fell in love with her, I said we would see. It said along with her picture "Sadie" good dog a little timid. My son said she is white I will change her name to Snowball. Well we agreed to go meet the lady. When we got there the lady explained that she was timid again and said she was a little scared of men. Well guess who she liked first? My husband, she kept trying to go to him. As you guessed it we were hooked we adopted her right away and we decided to keep her name Sadie because she was actually cream colored not white. Her full name is Mersadie Jane (I call her Sadie Jane)! Now she is part of the family I have a son so I call her my "daughter" and since I can't put bows and dresses on a little boy I do it for my dog. I bought her a shirt that says mommy's little girl and my son wanted one and we actually found one on vacation that said mommy's little boy. So now I have a boy and a "girl" And you will never believe what I found out just yesterday, Sadie means PRINCESS!


jacque4u2c said...

That better be a parking lot - surely you aren't letting your kids play in the street! HA! HA! Just kidding! Great photo of your kids!

jacque4u2c said...

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