Thursday, January 8, 2009

Our Dog "Precious"

Precious was a Cocker Spaniel. I got her when I was in 9th grade (I said she is so Precious that is how she got her name) we had been through so much together. When I would come home from a crazy day of High School she would be there ready for me to love on her. She was there when fell in love and came home to tell my dad my boyfriend had proposed. So naturally when I got married I brought her with me. My husband knew how important she was to me (after all she was there when we were dating). So there was no excuses for her not coming home with us! She became our instant "baby". 5 years later when our first son was born everyone said she would be jealous, but she never was she was content sleeping at the edge of the bed as I fed the baby coming up for a snuggle every now and then. When she was about eight years old she got catarax and starting going blind in one eye and then eventually in the other. She didnt let it stop her she jumped over baby gates and bumped into walls but she was still just as sweet. Over the next couple of months her hearing went to wear she heard knocking like 20 minutes later. She was getting old but I just couldnt let go! Finally one night she was having a hard time breathing I just held her and noticed she couldnt move her neck she had a stroke. I just held her and told my husband I dont think she is going to make it. And she didnt, she died that morning. We cried and cried. My husband took off work and my sister called and told me would could bury her on her hill. This made me feel really good to know she would still be with family. On the way to my sisters we stopped at Feeders Supply when we were parked there, there was a car next to us with a dog in it my son says that doggy is in the car my doggy is in the trunk! Out of such a bad sitiuation we all laughed. We got her some goodies to put in her box. Finally at my sisters we had a little funeral for her and said our goodbyes. She will be missed and always be "Precious" in our eyes. Dogs truly are a man's (or in this case a woman's) best friend!


jacque4u2c said...

I love this picture of Precious and how she is sticking her little tongue out. I know in my heart she loved you as much as you loved her.

Anonymous said...

she looks dead in that picture... ahahahaha i loved how you spelled 'catarax'!! ahahaha... made me lol. [just so you know, it's cataracts.]