Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Backstreet Boys

I have been a Backstreet Boys fan for 14 years (and counting)! I know what you are thinking a 30 year old still a fan of a "boyband". But the truth is they are so much more than that. I remember it like yesterday my friend came over and said, "I want you to listen to this group I think you will like them!" I said, "I really don't want to but I will." So I listened to them, I thought well they are okay then she began to play more and more until we listened to them everyday! Then one day they were coming to the local venue (just a small place downtown). We bought tickets and waited for that day finally it arrived, we'll neither one of us drived and my mom was sick and my dad had things for work to do. My friend fussed we will never get there, at the time I really didn't care I was just a little fan and if we didn't go we didn't go. My dad agreed he would take us and give us taxi money for home. We'll we got there and had the time of our lives and it turns out another friend and her mom were there and they took us home. After that I WAS HOOKED!! I have been to a concert for each of the tours bought every album and even traveled to other city's to see them. I also finally got to meet them briefly. For those who say this band is for little girls need to wake up I am the same age as some of the members we have "grown" together (got married,lost friends,had a family etc.) so listening to their music means more than just listening to a "boyband" it means my Past,Present and Future!

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