Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Feeling Sick?

(I copied this picture from my sister's page)!!
If it is not one thing it is another. First my son was sick with a fever for 4 days! I took him to the doctor and they said he had a virus and it was going around. A week later he feels better but still congested and coughing! Now my husband wakes up and cannot go to work because he has Bowel problems. Can we ever be well. So far I only had a touch of the virus (just stuffy) and I hope I don't want to get the Bowel problems. I try to stay healthy anytime someone in the family (or someone we know) has been sick I take an Airborne or an Ermegen- C! What is Airborne it is (according to their website) http://www.airbornehealth.com/about_index.php the best-selling herbal health formula that supports your body's immune system. It was created by a former second-grade school teacher, Victoria Knight-McDowell. Go to their website and it they will even send you a free sample And Ermegen- C according to their website is http://www.emergenc.com/ It offers 7 mineral acsorbates deliver 1,000mg of Vitamin C in a non-acidic formula that revs up your immune system. Tons of B vitamins give you natural, non-caffeinated energy.and it now comes in kid doses! Go to their website and they will even send you a free sample too (and it comes in lots of flavors)! If you think it is alittle pricey I have found CVS and Walgreens (and problary other drug stores) carry an off brand (which I get alot) taste the same for half the price. I don't know yet if it helps you NOT get sick but I know if you get you do you will not feel near as bad as the person who did not take it did because it boosts your immune system, That is how it worked for me!

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I hope you are all well now! Next time you do Random Tuesday Thoughts, go to http://www.theunmom.com/ and get the code for the pic (it's hers and links to her site) and then add your URL to her linky list and then visit others on the list and comment and you'll get visits and comments in return! It's fun and will help you get new visitors to your site!