Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Barbie turns 50!!

Years ago I played Barbies! Unlike the girls today that are growing up to fast I was one of those girls that played Barbies until I was at least 13! My friend and I would go in my room and play all day long! My mom would have to get us to take breaks for lunch and dinner. I say I had over 30 Barbies of my own and the newest was always my favorite!I cant believe she turns 50 this year! Barbie has taken many hits during the years as an article entitled Barbie turns 50 by Elise Nersesian says because of her wrinkle-free with impossibly perky boobs (after all, she's never breastfed)! But lately Barbie gained weight in her waist and her breast size shrank, sending the message to parents that she would no longer represent unattainable ideals. Then in mense of all this she has sold over 1 million dolls. It is funny but growing up I never thought I want to look like her and despite all the jobs she had I don't ever remember ever pretending she was doing a job she was assigned to. Barbie is now a happy part of my childhood and when I think back it helps me remember happiness and imagination and isn't that what childhood is about. Now that I am older I collect certain Barbies and for a limited time you can Barbie for its original price of $3.00! (I got one from my mommy)!! So congratulations Barbie you sure look good for your age!!


Anonymous said...

so weird cuz last night i was looking in my closet and found my ox of barbies and got them all out and dressed them and set up the furniture on my bed and played with them for a little bit. lol.

Anonymous said...

**box. not ox.