Monday, April 6, 2009

School Pictures

What is with school pictures are they just destined to be bad? Is there a law that says I don't care who you are your school pictures are going to be terrible! My son is five and from the time he was born we have taken him every year to get his pictures taken (plus the pictures I take of him). And it is the same thing year after year they are always so good that I end up buying every pose and more than I need. Well now that he has started school I figured we just buy the school pictures WRONG!! They were terrible who is this? Not my cute little boy who never takes a bad picture his first school picture made him look like he had a double chin then he had spring pictures think they are any better, not really! I guess we will have to keep going out once a year to get them done professionally because school pictures don't do justice to my cute little boy , I also will keep snapping away! Speaking of pictures I found a few of some famous guys before they were famous some of them don't even look like the same people take a look at it, it's pretty funny! I guess everyone has some bad pictures in their day!


jacque4u2c said...

Too funny!

AMH615 said...

That's funny! It is hard to believe that your son could take a bad pic -- he's such a cutie!